An alternative to traditional employment

How to earn a living became a big question after Gabe graduated from high school.  After several unsuccessful attempts at supported employment, it was decided that an alternative to traditional employment was probably a better option.  Gabe sat down with his family and decided that he liked creating fused glass art.  With his family, he researched classes, tools, equipment, supplies, and suppliers.  He obtained a zero-interest loan to take classes and purchase start-up equipment, tools and supplies.  Gabe’s Glass Creations was established in January 2012. Gabe's Glass Creations is a New Mexico owned and operated micro-enterprise. Gabe's fused glass artwork is custom made using products that are proudly made in the USA.


Gabe is a self-employed business owner who is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  He learned glass fusing while attending the Challenge New Mexico day program and has taken classes at Bullseye Glass Co.’s Resource Center in Santa Fe.


Gabe brings his unique perspective to each piece of art, often basing themes on his favorite movies, music and people.