About Gabe


Gabe is a native New Mexican who was born in Las Vegas, New Mexico and was raised in Las Vegas and Santa Fe.  He loves family, music, movies and people (especially females).  Gabe has an active imagination and ready sense of humor.  He takes pride in being able to do things independently.  Gabe votes in every election and proudly wears his “I voted” sticker.  He has an uncanny memory for birthdays and holidays


Gabe lives in the moment.  He takes time to notice and enjoy the simple things in life (a rainbow, a pretty flower, a graceful butterfly, a full moon, a smile).  Gabe is attuned to people.  He has empathy for others and loves to share in their joy as well as give a hug when times are tough.  Gabe does not carry grudges and forgives readily.  In short, Gabe is a model of how we should all live life.


Gabe is  a young man with a developmental disability.  He strives to lead a self-determined life, choosing where he lives, where he works, what he does for fun, how he worships, and who he hangs out with … just like everyone else.  Gabe is a volunteer with The Arc of New Mexico and has attended disability conferences in Albuquerque, San Diego, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Orlando, Denver and Washington, DC