The Process

Gabe was first...

Gabe was first introduced to fused glass art by Deborah Brink at the Challenge New Mexico day program in Santa Fe after he graduated from Santa Fe High School.  He created and sold many pieces, learning the concept of “sell it for money.”  

Gabe continues to work...

Gabe continues to work on fused glass projects at his current day program, Phame, Inc., with owner Anna Blea.  He takes great pride in all his projects, oftentimes giving them as gifts to family and friends.   Anna has also accompanied Gabe to glass fusing classes at Bullseye Glass Co.’s Resource Center in Santa Fe.

Gabe has a unique approach...

Gabe has a unique approach to designing his fused glass pieces.  He has created a cityscape (Chicago) from a postcard, mountains with a full moon and train (Stand By Me) based on the storyline from the movie, a purple bowl with gold flecks (Lakers), a green alien (E.T.), and several crosses with and without Jesus.

Fused Glass Artwork

A multi-step process that transforms sheet glass into sculpted, colorful works of art:

• Cut sheet glass

• Add decorative touches (layered glass, frit, stringers, confetti, sizzle sticks)

• Fuse layers and artistic touches in a kiln (each firing takes 16+ hours to fuse and cool fused glass)

• Shape (slump) fused glass using molds in a kiln (depending on the shape, it takes between 10 and 12 hours to slump and cool fused glass)

Types of Original Art

• Crosses

• Plates

• Candle Holders

• Artistic Tiles

• Suncatchers

• Ornaments

• Decorative Shape

And more...

I will have more photos of my work coming as time permits.